Services and Solutions

All you need when you need.

We offer everything your company may need in equipment and services for the maintenance.

From renting a truck for a short period of time ends workload in your company to a whole fleet management system for their machines.

We specialize in the sale, rental, repair and maintenance of industrial equipment Toyota – BT.

Maintenance Plans

We offer plans for repair and maintenance from worry over damage to their equipment maintenance. We guarantee minimum response time in case of failure.

Sales of trucks and equipment Toyota-BT

Our technical sales team will advise on the best option in terms of new trucks and other handling equipment as well as the best configuration to fit close to the work to be done optimizing the most of your investment so that you offers maximum productivity and safety.

Rental trucks to your needs

Whether you need a wheelbarrow temporarily for a short period of time due to work as tips if you need longer term we offer the best solution in equipment hire. We have a large fleet of rental trucks and own tow truck for pickup and delivery is available.

Refurbished trucks

We have a comprehensive portfolio of equipment reconditioned machines. All our machines used have been revised, and tune in our reconditioning them mechanically and painting workshop to provide all the guarantees of a good condition, security and operation.

Technical After Sales Service

Our obsession with reducing our response times to incidents or damage to their trucks are the best guarantee that such an eventuality will be effective and will reduce the downtime to a minimum.

We have vehicles workshop and a large stock of spare parts that allow us to respond quickly in their own facilities if necessary.

Driver training

A skilled and motivated driver not only offers increased productivity, but also work more safely, reducing the risk of damage to materials and equipment, or worse, injury to persons. Through an accredited training company, we offer comprehensive training to cover the safe practice of driving and operating techniques.