Manual pallet trucks

Hand pallet trucks from the BT Lifter range are customizable, making them suitable for a wide variety of material handling applications, including horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking. Designed to handle easily, our trucks long term allow safe and efficient movement of goods with very little effort. Reduced lift trucks BT Pro Lifter and BT Lifter L-series offer a capacity of up to 3 tons, while the hand pallet high lift H-Series have a carrying capacity of 1 ton and provide lift heights up to 800 mm. Light stacking applications, the BT Lifter range offers the versatility of manual and electric stackers S series

  • BT Lifter L-series

    BT Lifter L-series

    Suitable for horizontal transport of pallets and preparation of orders, reduced manual lift trucks BT Lifter L series offer a capacity of up to 3 tons.

    • Force minimum starting (BT Pro Lifter)
    • Reduced lift manual pallet truck
    • From 0.75 to 3 tons of load capacity
    • Customizing in factory
    • Manual or electric drive impulsion

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  • BT Lifter H-series

    BT Lifter H-series

    BT Lifter serie H hand pallet are very versatile, with lifting forks that can go up to 800 millimeters.

    • High-lift pallet truck
    • 1 ton load capacity
    • Lift heights up to 800 mm
    • Manual or electric lift
    • Ergonomic Workstation

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  • BT Lifter S-series

    BT Lifter S-series

    Manual stackers BT Lifter range serie S are suitable for applications in confined spaces stacking light, with lift heights up to 1.6 meters.

    • Hand powered stacker
    • 0.8 ton load capacity
    • Stacking up to 1.6 m
    • Manual or electric lift
    • Compact design

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