Preparadoras de pedidos

The BT Optio range Order Picker is designed to meet a variety of demands high collection, handling and loading capacity in order picking operations. The BT Optio L-series range consists of nine Order Picker low level and is suitable for the collection of first and second level. The pickup height increases to 6.3 meters in the M series, and up to 12 meters in the H. Serial Order Picker range of medium and high-low, is equally effective in refrigerated environments.

  • BT Optio L-series

    BT Optio L-series

    Often used in transactions with consumer goods (FMCG), the Order Picker BT Optio L-series are suitable for picking first and second level.

    • Preparer low level order
    • Load capacity up to 2.5 tons
    • Pick up height 2.8m
    • AC Technology
    • Low access height

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  • BT Optio M-series

    BT Optio M-series

    Providing picking heights up to 6.3 meters, the Order Picker BT Optio M series are ideal for operation in confined spaces ..

    • Preparer midlevel orders
    • Load capacity up to 1 ton
    • Picking heights up to 6.3m
    • Compact design
    • Guided by rail / cable or free movement

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  • BT Optio H-series

    BT Optio H-series

    Quite safe for everyday use, the BT Optio H series offer the highest picking in its class level to 12 meters.

    • High level order preparer picker
    • Load capacity up to 1.2 tons
    • Picking heights up to 12m
    • AC Technology
    • Guided by rail / cable or free movement

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